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Land acquisition

We are a well-established property developer with a great deal of experience working with land owners, investors and banks. There can be many unforeseen challenges that arise during a project, but our team has a great deal of practical and legal know-how that can help keep things moving forward. Our priority is to deliver developments on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Our small, approachable team are focused on individual projects, making sure there is always someone available that has a deep understanding of how each development has evolved, what everyone wants to achieve and what will work best for the surrounding communities.


Working in Partnership with Housing Associations
Paul Newman Premier Home works closely with housing associations to provide a design and build service for all tenures of affordable housing. We work in partnership throughout the process, from identifying suitable locations, to the design and build of the properties and through to the final handover. We are seeking to develop new relationships with housing associations to deliver both affordable housing and market rent housing. Contact us to find out more